PT. DSIndonesia  Indah Karya

A Construction, Engineering, Procurement and Modified Container Specialist in Indonesia.

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Experienced and Highly Skilled Team with Top Quality Assurance.


Engineering Services & Factory Equipment Maintenance

Trading & Procurement

Supplying to the Mining Industry since 1993.

Modified Containers

Modified shipping container specialist for all home or remote location needs.

Our Vision is to be The Contractor of Choice for Your Project

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No Project Too Big or Too Small

PT. DS Indonesia  Indah Karya (PTDSIIK) specializes in Manufacturing, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Construction, Procurement, and Modified Container Construction.

We are Commited to delivering top quality products, with competitive cost structures, and on-time delivery with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our customer partners see us as an integral part to their project success as we anticipate their needs and deliver products and services to their satisfaction.

As a result of our excellent work ethic and experience, our customers keep coming back to us.

We Believe in:

  • Professionalism in all our employees
  • Detail oriented work that leads to a high ROI
  • 100% Commitment to safety processes
  • 100% Compliance with industry best practices in-house and on-site


Our Growth is Our Customers’ Growth!

Established Since

Completed Projects

Our Services

Building & Construction

Our Experienced and Highly Skilled Engineering Team has successfully built various types of buildings with Top Quality Assurance.  We also take on Turn-key Projects as required by our customers.

  • Concrete Buildings and Houses
  • Prefabricated Building
  • Topography
  • Soil Testing

Processing Equipment Fabrication

  • Mixer Tank
  • Air Receiver Tank
  • Storage and Jacket Tank
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Heat Exchanger

Labor Supply

To maintain the Highest Quality Assurance, DS always provides Certified, Skilled and Experienced labor/personnel (Man Power Supply). All personnel follow strict quality assurance guidelines.

  • Fitter (On and Off shore)
  • Welder (On and Off shore)
  • Supervisor
  • Helper

Remote Facilities on Site

We are a Shipping Container Modification Specialists. Modified shipping containers or "porta camps" can be modified and constructed into multiple use structures including:

  • Remote Offices, Meeting Rooms,
  • Communication/Staging Centers
  • Accommodations
  • Public toilets, Showers

Industrial Equipment & Pipe Works

  • Structure & Stack PLTU
  • Ducting
  • Piping for LPG Filling Station
  • Piping for Industrial Process
  • Conveying System

Vehicle Modification & Rebuild

Standard modifications for staff/workers transportation vehicles with documentation.

  • Ambulance Modifications
  • Storage and Transportation Modifications
  • Transmission Rebuilds and Adjustments
  • Total Vehicle Rebuild and Vehicle Servicing Programs

Trading Company

We have been supplying to the Mining Industry since 1993. Our Safety Equipment meets or exceeds International Safety Standards.

  • Hydraulic Engine, Machine Actuators and Spare Parts
  • Cutting Tools, Machine Tools
  • Heavy Duty Equipment, Earth-moving Undercarriage

Engineering Services & Factory Equipment Maintenance

  • Steel Structure
  • Piping
  • Vessel
  • Storage Tanks
  • Generator Sets

Quality Assurance

We follow a wide range of internationally acknowledged standards and procedures for all our services including Tests, Inspections and Monitoring Services. All personnel are trained to adhere to in-house quality assurance practices.

We are committed to 100% Safety and Compliance!

Helping Our Customers For Over 25 Years

We are committed to 100% Safety and Standards Compliance!

Our policy of maintaining direct consultation with our Customers during every stage of the project ensures our high standard of quality assurance.


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+62 31 895 9708

Our Customers Love Our Work

“I was very surprised when PT. DSIndonesia Indah Karya managed to fulfill an order for a significantly large amount of mining equipment that we needed to complete our project. I have 100% confidence in them!”

James Tan

Procurement Manager, Mining Co

“We have been working with PT. DSIndonesia Indah Karya for about 15 years now. They have helped us complete many projects successfully and are now at the top of our list of companies that we work with. I recommend them!”

Henry Smith

SEA Project Manager

“Our company is quite small but thanks to PT. DSIndonesia Indah Karya backing us and working with us every step of the way, we have been able to complete many big projects for our customers. I highly recommend them.”

Cindy Jones

Construction Manager

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PT. DSIndonesia Indah Karya

A Construction, Engineering, Procurement and Modified Container Specialist in Indonesia.

We are commited to deliver top quality products, with competitive cost structures, and on-time delivery with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Griya Permata Hijau Blok B 7-8 Candi,
Sidoarjo 61271 Jawa Timur - Indonesia

Phone: +62 811323658